Language disappears when it is not used to talk about love. (c)

In August 2022, we decided to create our own merch in collaboration with the GIDNIST brand in order to raise funds to save Ukrainian love.

We are convinced that light will triumph over darkness, and love will save the world. And it is worth talking about love in Ukrainian! Our goal is to bring as many soldiers home alive as possible, so that they can build the Ukrainian future in true love. All profits from the sale of this merch are donated to our foundation. We are actively helping the military on the front lines. Therefore, each T-shirt can save the life of another Ukrainian fighter, that someone is waiting for at home to confess his love!

From the sale of charity merch, THE BRAND HAS DONATED TO THE FUND

127 700

Let’s make Ukraine shine again!

In March 2022, Guzema Fine Jewelry launched the Let’s make Ukraine shine again! The brand has resumed jewelry sales in Ukraine and abroad, and all profits from the sale from March 21 to May 31 were donated to the Guzema Foundation to help the Ukrainian army and people affected by the russian occupation.


Guzema Fine Jewelry also released a patriotic mini-collection of jewelry – Freedom. This is a golden heart-shaped pendant and two silk laces in yellow and blue. After all, freedom has two colors. By buying the patriotic jewelry, you help Ukraine and contribute to our victory, because the brand continues to donate profits from the sale of the Freedom collection to the fund!

Since March 21, 2022, the brand has donated to the fund

5 929 742


On March 2, 2021, the Charity ball was held on the occasion of Valeria Guzema’s birthday. That evening, the Guzema Foundation began its activities.
A fundraiser was opened to help the Chernihiv Regional Children’s Hospital in Valeria’s hometown.


The primary goal of the fund was to collect UAH 300,000 to improve the conditions of this medical institution. Thanks to the support and indifference of people, the plan was overfulfilled in a few months: UAH 535,000 was donated to the fund’s account.