About foundation

Guzema Foundation — is a charitable organization founded in 2021 by Valeria Guzema, entrepreneur, influencer, social and charitable activist, founder and designer of the Guzema Fine Jewelry brand.


Initially, the foundation was created to help children undergoing treatment at the Chernihiv Regional Children’s Hospital and to improve the material and technical base of this medical institution. However, with the start of a full-scale war that russia has unleashed in Ukraine, the foundation helps the Ukrainian army and people affected by the occupation.

Our purpose

to provide help to those

who need it and do it transparently.

All donations are declared

and publicly available.

Our goals


Ukrainian military must be provided with high-quality ammunition and equipment


Hospitals affected by the russian occupation must be provided with vital medicines


Medical institutions with a high workload of victims must be provided with the vital medical supplies and equipment


Ukrainians affected by the russian occupation and forced to leave their homes must be provided with food, medicine and essential goods


Children who are struggling with serious illnesses must be able to receive treatment and timely medical intervention

Founding documents